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Built for secure connection

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If you’re a leader or dignitary and need to remain connected regardless of location, Paradigm offers secure access to real-time briefings and correspondence, anywhere in the world.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

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Meeting your needs

Powered by the PIM®, the world’s easiest-to-use satcom controller, our range of portable secure satcom terminals keeps you connected 24/7, whether you need emergency briefings, crisis management or engagement with the electorate.

Stay connected wherever you need to travel, with support on all major satellite networks, and hardware that’s designed for hard wear and tear.

The intelligent PIM® controller is as easy to use as a mobile phone, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

With options to carry a single IATA-compliant case or backpack, our terminal range offers you the flexibility to travel light and well equipped.

Pim950 2x

It’s given us one less thing to worry about on the road. We know we can transfer everything we need securely, and there’s no issue getting it to where we need to be and setting up quickly…

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Globally trusted for more than 25 years

The world’s most advanced satcom, made simple

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