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Federal / Border Security

Protecting the world’s borders

Built for protection

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Respond rapidly to border threats across land, air and sea, with exceptional deployment speeds.

With fast roll-on/off mounting options, multi-vehicle, multi-terrain operations are simplified, and field-proven ruggedness offers confidence in the extremes.

Pim950 2x

Meeting your needs

Powered by the PIM®, the world’s easiest-to-use satcom controller, our range of agile secure satcom terminals lets you focus on the operation at hand.

Rapid deploy, transfer and stow, and extremely fast satellite acquisition, means real-time response to emerging threats.

Field-proven ruggedness in the world’s most extreme environments, provides communications confidence wherever the operation takes you.

From seamless satellite pointing to network switching, enjoy unrivalled versatility without the need for technical expertise.

Pim950 2x

When we’re between land and sea, a quick transfer for the comms saves a lot of time…

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Globally trusted for more than 25 years

The world’s most advanced satcom, made simple

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