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If you need dependable voice, video and data connectivity from remote or extreme locations, PARADIGM provides exceptionally easy-to-use, rugged comms capability that connects field workers, their offices and families.

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Meeting your needs

Powered by the PIM®, the world’s easiest-to-use satcom controller, our range of agile secure satcom terminals is designed for the world’s most inhospitable environments.

The PIM® interface is as easy-to-use as a mobile phone. If you have no prior satcom experience, it provides everything you need to get connected.

Field-proven ruggedness in the world’s harshest environments, we offer you an exceptional track record of reliability.

Stay connected wherever you are, with support on all major satellite networks, and hardware that’s designed for hard wear and tear.

Pim950 2x

From a health and safety POV, it’s given us a much more stable connection. I’m not missing bits of data now and we can act quickly when there’s an issue to deal with. It’s also made a massive difference to the team’s ability to keep in touch with their families, which is great for morale…

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Globally trusted for more than 25 years

The world’s most advanced satcom, made simple

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