a soldier hidden between rocks and bushes using a rugged laptop a soldier hidden between rocks and bushes using a rugged laptop

About Paradigm

25 years. 1 objective.

To make the world’s most advanced satcom, simple.


Satcom that’s as easy to use as a smartphone. That’s what we set out to achieve.

Satellite terminals may not be as ubiquitous as mobile phones, but that doesn’t mean the user experience can’t be just as intuitive.

Gone are the days of trained satcom engineers with specialised tools and long setup times. Quick to deploy terminals have become progressively smaller and more portable, with higher throughputs and energy efficiency. The technology is incredibly advanced.

But, key to meeting the needs of those in critical conditions, is making this advanced technology simple to use.

So, that’s what we focus on: the world’s most advanced satcom, made simple.

We’ve been trusted to deliver this globally for more than 25 years.

The PIM® was born…

So, how do you simplify an operative’s experience?

We started by understanding exactly what that experience is.

Drawing on the longstanding relationships we’ve built with military organisations, governments and NGOs, we got under the skin of your pain-points, capability gaps and procurement challenges.

You told us you wanted a single unit, that:

  • houses everything needed for versatile satcom operation
  • with an interface as easy to use as a mobile phone
  • that’s ruggedised to withstand the world’s most extreme environments
  • and, that requires no technical expertise in the field…

We created the PIM.

Field proven and globally trusted, it’s transforming the satcom experience, providing confidence when you need it most.

Built by a world-class team

Advancements at this level are only possible with a relentless pursuit of excellence. That starts by assembling a team that’s driven to achieve the objective and who bring with them best-in-class credentials.

From design to production, logistics to communications and support, our products and services are managed by our in-house team of multidisciplinary experts.

If you’re interested in joining our mission, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have an application for the PIM-powered terminal range

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If you have an application that requires:

  • Simple operation
  • Fast, agile deployment
  • Reliable environmental performance

Or maybe all three…

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